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Jordan McLarty : Rider High School Senior Session in Wichita Falls, Texas

I can’t wait to show you my friend Jordan’s senior session! Jordan was one of our seniors this year, and posting these gave me all the feels about the new school year. Fall is here and with it comes a new school year and a fresh start for many. We said goodbye to several seniors this year and it is one of the hardest parts in youth ministry. You get a front row seat to the live of these friends to watch their personalities unfold into the beautiful person God is creating them to be. It is one of the biggest honors I have received. We have been so sad to see them go but are faithful and prayerful that new influences will enter their lives, whispering words that sound like their Creator’s into their ears. We LOVE our incoming youth and the ones who are still in high school. I have to constantly remember that the youth ministry we do is bigger than me. It is bigger than us. It is bigger than a building or a church. It is about a God who has way more power, truth and love to offer these kids than I could ever give. He can give them SO much more love than I attempt to give them everyday. He is ultimately who their eyes, ears and hearts should be seeking, not mine. My job is to point them toward this Creator and teach them to ultimately ask his advice. And for that, I am so, so thankful. I love this hard, passionate and worthy passion called youth ministry. I am so thankful to be on this road…the view is worth it!

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