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The Importance of Editing Style When Hiring a Photographer

I NEVER do this…..
I want to share a raw image with you to highlight the importance of hiring a photographer based on editing style!! The left is the original image. This raw original would probably look very similar with the same camera and setting placed in the hands of another photographer. But it is the EDITING STYLE that makes all the difference! My editing style is one I have embraced and owned over the years: clean, simple and neat. I am not trying to use fancy filters or something “trendy” that may not last. I am here to produce an image that is timeless. That means I bring colors back to their original intent, and work exposure and shadows to keep things simple and true to form. When you are looking for a photographer, be sure to ask about their style! Ultimately, it will be one of the most impotent pieces of your experience and end product.

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